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Before updating its systems, Microsoft's security operations used 60 proprietary technologies that didn't interoperate. Now, all but two are integrated into a single management and alarm system.
Brian Tuskan
Senior Director, Microsoft Global Security
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This portal is important from the smallest incident to a large scale event, and even a disaster.
Jeff Friedland
Homeland Security Emergency Management Director, St. Clair County, MI
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The ongoing maintenance and the use of the system…is obviously well within [the business users’] capability. …they are indeed very, very comfortable and frankly feel empowered by that. It works on a number of different levels, which is exciting.
David Lehn
VP of IT Noodles & Company
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Everyone understands a map, so it’s an intuitive interface that our marketers and sales reps can use to quickly identify an opportunity and take immediate action.
Jennifer Kelly
Senior Marketing Manager, Microsoft Global Marketing
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This unique ‘big picture’ of the energy world – data refineries, oil terminals, platforms and even tanker positions – has provided an additional $8m value to Integrated Supply & Trading alone.
Simon Gann
Director of Strategic Resources BP – Gas, Renewables, Supply & Trading, Digital & Communications Technology
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That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with this solution. We were able to deploy in phases and the development, production, and staging were being done in a matter of days.
Louis Effa
MarView Program Manager, U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration
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Visual Fusion provides us with a better, more efficient way to deliver services to our clients—giving them integration, context, and relevance that aren't available in traditional GIS and information management solutions. It's given us a unique competitive advantage.
Hal Ozanne
Senior Vice President of Engineering ENGlobal
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The ROI on this was clear, and there is no other solution that we found to provide this level of flexibility.
Scott Gross
Information Systems Manager 20/20 Companies
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Under loads sometimes exceeding 40,000 map draws per hour, Visual Fusion delivers flawlessly with substantially less server load than expected.
Stan Marriott
Manager of GIS Rapattoni Corporation
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Typically web GIS applications take months to design and deploy – with Visual Fusion you can have a new application built in days, or even hours, integrated with virtually any data source inside, or outside of your organization.
Matthew Pietryszyn
GIS Coordinator, City of Brampton

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