February 14, 2007

IDV Solutions recently announced the re-branding of their flagship products, Location Feature Server™ (LFS) and LFS Visual™. The newly titled Visual Fusion Suite™ is comprised of Visual Fusion Server™ and Visual Fusion Client™. The re-branding aims to communicate the value of IDV's products, which is the visual consolidation of disparate data sets into a compelling, interactive web-based application.

Visual Fusion Server is a composite application server, enabling enterprises to quickly consolidate organizational data. The product integrates and optimizes multiple back end data sources for web-based interactive data visualization. Visual Fusion Client is a rich internet application product developed for a standard web browser, displaying information in a dynamic interface. Visual Fusion Suite combines the two products to provide a platform for bringing data together in an intuitive, user-friendly mapping and information display.

Mark Morrison, CEO of IDV relayed, “The name Visual Fusion Suite best reflects the overall value of our products. We believe that it is aligned with the Suite's core capability of visually bringing together enterprise data in the context of space and time”.

About IDV Solutions
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