Lansing, MI, July 8, 2009

IDV Solutions has been invited by Microsoft to present next week to Public Sector partners at the Worldwide Partner Conference in New Orleans on the topic of transparency in government. “Shovel Ready Session #1: US Transparency” will be held Thursday, July 16 at 1:30 pm CT, and IDV Solutions will be one of a few select partners to demonstrate technology that enables government transparency.

“We are very excited about this opportunity and eager to show off the outstanding capabilities of our suite of products, Visual Fusion,” explained Scott Caulk, Director of Product Management at IDV Solutions and the presenter for the event. “Visual Fusion has been extremely successful at empowering organizations to rapidly create compelling applications that consolidate data from diverse sources and formats into a single view, a common operating picture, for greater situational awareness. Demonstrating this powerful capability with the ever-growing content made available by governmental and public organizations will illuminate the opportunity that Visual Fusion creates for enhanced insight and increased productivity.”

Microsoft and IDV Solutions have teamed to empower numerous commercial and public sector organizations to understand and act on their data more efficiently and effectively. In the presentation, Caulk will walk through various applications and explain how Microsoft technologies and Visual Fusion can be used to benefit organizations with valuable capabilities such as:
  • Consolidating disparate data sources into a single view
  • Empowering knowledge workers with compelling data visualization and action options
  • Building mashup applications quickly with workflow and GUIs
  • Leveraging SharePoint, Silverlight, SQL Server, and other Microsoft technologies to build mission critical apps in just weeks
About IDV Solutions
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