Visual Fusion Data Visualization Demo Application

Nothing communicates Visual Fusion's advantages better than trying it for yourself.
Visual Fusion® provides the flexibility to develop apps for a wide range of use cases—apps that let you interact with data in new and intuitive ways. So dive in and try out the applications below; slide the sliders, push the buttons; kick the tires. It's the best way to see how Visual Fusion can help you gain insight and Increased ROI from your data.

Interactive Tornado Map

Interactive Tornado Map - Demos

Built on Visual Fusion 5.5

Tornado Tracks visualizes more than sixty years of data about tornadoes in the US, in a form that’s easy to navigate and explore... Learn More

visual fusion for tablets available free in apple itunes store

Visual Fusion for Tablets - iPad app

Built on Visual Fusion 5.5

Visual Fusion for Tablets iPad app is now available in the iTunes iPad App Store and includes three free demonstration data sets for you to explore the power and interactive capabilities of Visual Fusion... Learn More

interactive data visualization of retail, sales and performance

Retail Analyzer Demo

Built on Visual Fusion 5.7

Retail Analyzer is a demonstration application that visualizes sales performance for fictitious stores and territories across the United States on top of Bing Maps and inside SharePoint. It is built on Visual Fusion 5.7 and gives users a rich bevy of functionality to sample... Learn More

visualize race and geographic dispersions in the american enclaves application

American Enclaves Demo

Built on Visual Fusion 5.0

The American Enclaves application shows the geographic dispersion of areas where the proportions of White, Black, Hispanic, or Asian Americans far exceed (in this case, two standard deviations from the mean) their national average, based on 2010 census tract data... Learn More

interactive solution for visualization of salesforce and sales performance

Salesforce Visual

Built on Visual Fusion 5.0

Salesforce Visual integrates SalesForce content with virtually any other organizational data source or web feed in a compelling and interactive data visualization. Slice and dice the Salesforce data across location, time, and SalesForce data fields... Learn More

big data visualization with brampton interactive map demo

City of Brampton Interactive Map

Built on Visual Fusion 5.0

The City of Brampton in Ontario, Canada, created this public facing interactive map using Visual Fusion's out-of-the-box capabilities. It pulls dozens of data sources into a single view, all artfully styled for maximum communication to the... Learn More

visual data for transportation, airports, shipyards and more

Transportation Watch Demo

Built for iPad or iPhone

Transportation Watch is a touch-enabled application that visualizes data pertinent to transportation and safety, including airports, seaports, current weather, hurricane risk, and nautical charts... Learn More

visualize congressional districts, gerrymandering data, and political inclinations

District Mojo Demo

Built on Visual Fusion 5.0

Get a load of the crazy shapes that comprise our representative republic! The first "gerrymander," or bizarrely shaped for political advantage voting district, was lampooned in 1812 - not too long into our national existence. Since then, the creativity of politically... Learn More

big data visual fusion software shows carp invasive species

CarpWatch Demo

Built on Visual Fusion 5.0
with Oracle Connector

An invading alien species with a voracious appetite…it's not the promo for a sci-fi thriller, but the facts about a non-indigenous species taking over large aquatic territories along the Mississippi watershed, and on the brink of entering the Great Lakes... Learn More

piracy, pirate, watch interactive map, heat map and timeline

Piracy Watch Demo

Built on Visual Fusion 4.5

Piracy Watch visualizes piracy incidents around the globe from 1978 to the present, displaying the data in both a map and a timeline. The two contexts of place and time work together as an integrated canvas for exploring the data, and users can navigate in both contexts... Learn More

visualize hurricanes such as katrina, wind speeds, categories

Hurricane Demo

Built on Visual Fusion 4.5

Hurricane Watch visualizes Atlantic hurricane tracks and advisories from 1950 to the present, displaying the content in coordinated map and timeline viewers... Learn More

collisions in san francisco, heat maps, visualized in this application

Collision Watch Demo

Built on Visual Fusion 4.5

Collision Watch is a demonstration application that visualizes data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, denoting instances of automobile collisions in the year 2007 (US) where one or more fatality occurred, and what conditions were involved... Learn More