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Learn how Visual Command Center for Supply Chain can support you as you take command of risk in your supply chain.

Manage supply chain risk in real time with powerful, risk visualization

Today’s complex supply chains are susceptible to man-made disasters and catastrophic events. Weather, political upheaval, earthquakes, and transportation delays can all expose your organization to the risk of unnecessary downtime, expediting fees, and failure to meet customer expectations or service level requirements.

Visual Command Center® for Supply Chain alerts you to potential threats to your supply chain, enables
you to assess their impact, and empowers you to act to mitigate the risk or threat of interruption.

Companies know they need to protect their supply chain, but what
they are challenged with is how to do that efficiently and cost

Chris Kushmaul, Director of Supply Chain Solutions

See your entire supply chain in the context of risk events

With Visual Command Center for Supply Chain, you can map the nodes and routes that material flows through, from origin to destination, including suppliers, manufacturing and distribution points, retail sites, ports, and consolidation points.

Rather than manage extended supply chains with a patchwork of logistics providers, gain a single, comprehensive view of your operations and risk events as they happen. This visibility provides a competitive advantage, letting you quickly take advantage of opportunities, make quicker decisions, and avoid costly modes of recovery.

Visualize unlimited items and conditions

Supplier locations, transportation lines, depots, transfer points—Visual Command Center for Supply Chain lets you visualize everything that’s important to your supply chain. Attach pictures, documents, spreadsheets, and contacts to any supplier or location. Export to Excel or other formats.

Anticipate interruptions

See how unfolding events impact your suppliers, and proactively find alternatives. Powerful alerting warns you early of potential interruptions, slowdowns, or bottlenecks based on a potential threat. Use the interactive timeline to evaluate an overall risk or focus on significant events.

Locate alternative routes or suppliers quickly

Identify trouble spots, search for alternatives, and make critical decisions. The intuitive interface and the context of the map let you quickly find alternate routes and suppliers to keep your organization on track.

Add context and anticipate threats with information about global risk events

Monitor your supply chain in the context of demographics, traffic patterns, road closures, weather forecasts, and more. Add news feeds to stay abreast of events (strikes, blackouts, coups, border closings) that could delay shipments. Our agreements with top data aggregators and suppliers let us provide you with real-time information about conditions that can affect your supply chain.

Reduce inventory carrying costs

Too often, organizations hedge against supply interruptions by carrying more inventory than necessary, leading to more trucks, bigger warehouses, more shrinkage, more obsolescence, and an increased cost of capital. With a clear understanding of transportation lead times and supply chain risks, you can right-size inventory levels.

Improve customer satisfaction

The reliability and responsiveness of your supply chain can have also a dramatic impact on your customer relationships. Visual Command Center for Supply Chain can help you make decisions that optimize service and reliability.

With Visual Command Center for Supply Chain, you can:

  • Mitigate or eliminate the impact risk events
  • Control operating costs
  • Lower inventory costs
  • Manage upstream and downstream vendors and distributors

  • Drive efficiency and performance
  • Visualize multiple levels in your supply chain in a single view
  • Improve customer relationships

Take Command

Visual Command Center for Supply Chain solutions are designed for rapid implementation and immediate value. Contact us to talk about solving the critical issues in your supply chain.