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Learn how Visual Command Center can support you as you take command of risk.

Visual Command Center® empowers organizations to Alert, Assess and Act™ on risks to people and assets.

Security operations teams have an increasing duty to protect their organization against threats, whether internal or external, local or global.

identify risk with visual command center risk awareness and response software

Visual Command Center includes out-of-the-box visualization for over 100 external potential sources of risk that may threaten an organization’s employees or assets.

Live traffic cameras and traffic conditions add to the overall picture of the situation on the ground.

Visual Command Center is physical security and risk visualization (PSRV) software that helps organizations achieve this mission by uniting data from external sources, enterprise systems, and internal devices into a real-time, common operating picture of risk and security. It provides organizations with a practical approach to managing risk—a consolidated view to alert, assess, and act.

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Included in Visual Command Center are ready-to-use, premium risk data feeds from top providers, including natural disasters, weather, terrorism, disease, hazardous materials, and current events. Configurable, automatic alerts warn you of incidents near your facilities that could pose a threat to people or assets.

Alert your organization to risks with Visual Command Center

More than just points on a map, Visual Command Center also visualizes line and polygon data. Use integrated data connectors to visualize supply routes, distribution lines, or networks.

Or load and plot polygon data such as sales territories, jurisdictions, or property boundaries.

Visual Command Center complements this real-time, global risk data with ground-level information about your organization. Integration with Microsoft SharePoint and data connections to Microsoft SQL Server and other data stores are used to visualize the locations of the things you care about—people, assets, the supply chain, or other places of interest.

Zoom all the way down into the floor plans of your buildings and see the status of potential internal risks—such as access control points, video from your cameras, or other physical security systems.


Once potential risk has been identified, it’s imperative that the threat be assessed. Visual Command Center is the only risk visualization solution that lets you rapidly assess and transform data into security intelligence—using ad hoc search, range filtering, spatial queries, and other tools—to answer the questions that will enable you to take command of the situation—all from a single interface.

Rapidly assess data with Visual Command Center

Use spatial queries and filtering to rapidly identify the people and facilities in the path of a potential natural disaster. An Excel formatted Risk Report instantly summarizes risks, assets, and people in harm’s way.

By combining internal and external data and visualizing it in the context of the things you care about, Visual Command Center helps you recognize threats and respond quickly. For a given event, your team can rapidly answer vital questions about the threat like: When did it happen? What does it affect? How severe is it? What action should we take?

Operations teams can zoom to the view that best fits the risk and the people or assets threatened. Everything is interactive and real-time—clickable, selectable, and actionable.


Operations teams can initiate action, right from Visual Command Center’s common operating picture. With Visual Command Center, or in conjunction with other technologies and software, teams can:

Take action, right from Visual Command Center

Call up a security camera with a single click on the Visual Command Center application.

  • Share and Collaborate with others in the organization, by issuing a “Risk Report,” using a shared workspace such as Microsoft SharePoint, or by easily importing or exporting data.
  • Communicate to Others with a single click. Integrated messaging features let you share alerts, maps, reports, or links to contingency plans with employees who may be at risk.
  • Actively Monitor the Situation by focusing on an incident with a camera feed, sending a link to the Chief Security Officer, or monitoring remotely with the Visual Command Center for Tablets app. Set up favorite views, and automatically cycle through the global, regional, or metro views that are most relevant to you.

Visual Command Center helps you literally envision the situation in a complex disaster environment, so you can plan, carry out response, and execute recovery.

Mike Foynes
Senior Director of Operations, Microsoft Global Security

Visual Command Center—Anywhere

Visual Command Center gives your team the power to receive alerts, assess, and act using the form factor that works best for the situation—whether PC, tablet, or smartphone.

Browser-based, the Visual Command Center application can be taken mobile via a laptop or tablet—wherever you or your colleagues are, you can access all the risk data streams that are important to the organization and stay productive.

It’s essentially a “Security Operations Center in a box”—you don’t need to be in the Security Operations Center, or even to have a security operations center, to have a common operating picture and full situational awareness.

Mission Tested in Demanding Security Environments

Private and public organizations like Microsoft, CenturyLink, Aon, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Tiffany & Co. rely on Visual Command Center and Visual Fusion to help keep their people and assets safe.

Visual Command Center enables them to be more informed about global and local risks and more proactive in addressing threats; it turns raw data into security intelligence, enabling security teams to provide more value to the organization through a strong Return on Investment (ROI).

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Visual Command Center from IDV Solutions is essential to maintaining our security mission, from routine day-to-day local operations to crisis management at our facilities worldwide, making a real impact on our ability to keep our people safe. Mike Howard
Chief Security Officer, Microsoft Global Security


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