Retail Analyzer Visualization

This demo is built using Silverlight technology. If you have not installed the Silverlight plug-in yet, it is available here.

Welcome to Retail Analyzer, an interactive data visualization built by IDV Solutions on our flagship software product: Visual Fusion.

About Retail Analyzer

Retail Analyzer demonstrates how a retail chain with many locations might use Visual Fusion. Explore store and territory data across space, time, and analytics. Tilt and rotate the map. Sift data using filters, narrow down locations using state boundaries, and explore our interactive charts. Retail Analyzer features some of our favorite visualization techniques, including vertical extrusions, Drive Time analysis, a heat map, and more.

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About Visual Fusion

Visual Fusion brings data to life in interactive maps, timelines, and analytics. It makes the data easy to understand and explore, leveraging Microsoft’s Silverlight, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Bing Maps.

Organizations around the globe depend on Visual Fusion to visualize and manage security efforts, facility performance, marketing opportunities, supply chains, and more.

5 Fun Things to Do in Retail Analyzer

  1. Turn the store points into vertical extrusions, then tilt and rotate the map.
  2. Check out one of the store graphs, then filter it by typing in a term, drawing a shape, or selecting a state.
  3. Launch an Intelligence Report by drawing a shape, then adjust the shape and see the report update on the fly.
  4. See where your county stacks up in the ethnic proportions graphs.
  5. Add a label and take a snapshot, for reporting or to send to a colleague.

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