CarpWatch Visual Fusion 5.0 Demo

This demo is built using Silverlight technology. If you have not installed the Silverlight plug-in yet, it is available here.

Welcome to CarpWatch, an interactive data visualization tool built by IDV Solutions on our flagship BI software: Visual Fusion with Oracle Connector.

About this Demo

An invading alien species with a voracious appetite…it's not the promo for a sci-fi thriller, but the facts about a non-indigenous species taking over large aquatic territories along the Mississippi watershed, and on the brink of entering the Great Lakes.

invasive species visualization bighead carp saline river invasive species visualization silver carp mississippi river

Asian Carp (both “silver” and “bighead” carp) are showing up in crucial locations in and around the Midwest. This demo shows some stark data about the current efforts to contain their expansion, and also some historic and complementary data related to the impact of invasive species on the Great Lakes.

About Visual Fusion

Visual Fusion brings data to life in interactive maps, timelines, and analytics. It makes the data easy to understand and explore, leveraging Microsoft’s Silverlight, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Bing Maps.

Organizations around the globe depend on Visual Fusion to visualize and manage security efforts, facility performance, marketing opportunities, supply chains, and more.

5 Fun Things to Do in the CarpWatch Demo

  1. Zoom in on the critical area around Chicago and its canal linking Lake Michigan to the Des Plaines River.
  2. See the historical timeline for dozens of other species unintentionally introduced to the Great Lakes.
  3. Check out the social network chatter (Twitter) “volume” as individuals and public officials speak out.
  4. View the “Northern Progression” chart illustrating how sightings in higher latitudes have increased over time.
  5. See the intricate natural waterway system that fish and other aquatic species can travel by as they meander closer to the boundaries of the Great Lakes watershed.

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