Visual Fusion Piracy Watch Demo

This demo is built using Silverlight technology. If you have not installed the Silverlight plug-in yet, it is available here.

Welcome to the Piracy Watch Demo, an interactive data visualization built by IDV Solutions on our flagship software product: Visual Fusion.

About this Demo

Piracy Watch visualizes piracy incidents around the globe from 1978 to the present, displaying the data in both a map and a timeline. The two contexts of place and time work together as an integrated canvas for exploring the data, and users can navigate in both contexts.

visualize piracy on arabian sea visual fusion application victim and aggressor of piracy incident visualization

The visualization also includes a heat map for the 30+ years of content to give immediate at-a-glance understanding of what parts of the world have been most impacted by this activity. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency maintains this data as Anti-Shipping Activity Messages.

About Visual Fusion

Visual Fusion brings data to life in interactive maps, timelines, and analytics. It makes the data easy to understand and explore, leveraging Microsoft’s Silverlight, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Bing Maps.

Organizations around the globe depend on Visual Fusion to visualize and manage security efforts, facility performance, marketing opportunities, supply chains, and more.

5 Fun Things to Do in the Piracy Watch Demo

  1. Trace hotspots across the decades; zoom out on the map and move the Timeline slider.
  2. See how patterns change; compare the 30-year heat map to recent incidents. All 30 years with recent activity weighted more heavily.
  3. Get the stories behind the statistics; click on any icon to read details of the attack.
  4. Look for spikes in pirate activity along the Timeline.
  5. Fly to a location and see what's happened there. Specific or more general.

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