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Map-based visualizations for everyone, ready in days, not months

Visual Fusion® is a platform for building map-based solutions that organizations can use to increase strategic insight and make informed decisions.

With Visual Fusion, you can quickly build beautiful, powerful visualizations that unite data from multiple sources and systems on an interactive map, timeline, charts, and graphs.

Whether you need an application for your enterprise, your business unit, or your clients,
Visual Fusion is the shortest route to visualizations that increase insight and productivity.

Visual Fusion Screenshot of overview analysis of visualized data

Visual Fusion lets users analyze data in multiple insight-producing ways, with themed styling, charts and a timeline.

Interactive filters let user slice-and-dice data to find what's most significant.

With Visual Fusion, you spending less time finding information and have more ways to analyze it.


Spur new insights; streamline operations;
increase productivity

Increase productivity from day one.

Visual Fusion enhances the productivity of users at all levels: beginners ramp up quickly using the intuitive interface, while experts can use powerful built-in tools for sophisticated analysis.

Accelerate insights.

Get the big picture - with Visual Fusion, you can bring together data from disparate sources, and interact with it in the context of location, time, and analytics. From this overview, dive deep into the details, using interactive filters to slice and select data on the fly.

Streamline your operations.

Visual Fusion greatly reduces the time spent on operational tasks, including information gathering, so you can spend more time on strategic analysis and discovery. Take action to generate reports, communicate with key contacts, share information, and kick off workflows, right from the map interface.

Get more value from your existing investments.

You'll get more value out of existing data and systems when you connect them with Visual Fusion. Information that was locked into silos becomes available to inform decisions throughout the enterprise. Data that was isolated become meaningful in the context of geography, time, and other data sources.

Achieve superior ROI now and later.

You'll derive long-term value from your Visual Fusion application. Rapid development leads to solutions you can start using in days or weeks, not months. Ease of use means you get immediate returns. And the ability to easily add data sources and extend existing features means your application can respond to changing business needs.

Easy to Use

Visual Fusion’s powerful, intuitive interface enables all users to investigate and analyze data immediately.

Business user analyzing data in Visual Fusion

Business users can easily select and group items by drawing on the map, slice-and-dice data with interactive filters, retrieve and navigate deeper levels of information from the map interface. Point-and-click your way to extract meaning, run scenarios, and discover trends that affect your business. Test drive the interface by trying one of our demos.

It’s an intuitive interface that our marketers and sales reps can use to quickly identify opportunity and take immediate action.

Jennifer Kelly
Senior Marketing Manager of Reporting/Analysis in the Global Marketing Operations Group

Rapid Dev/Deploy

Intuitive interface utilizing common tools in Visual Fusion configuration options

With Visual Fusion, you can create and deploy applications using out-of-the-box components and configuration options.

Visual Fusion supplies a ready-to-go user interface and connectors to industry-standard data sources.

Set up and configuration can be done rapidly through configuration files.

For more extensive customization, the supplied SDK allows you to create custom icons, skins, filters, and controls.

Quick implementation was a big factor in choosing Visual Fusion. The goal was to get the application designed, developed, and deployed in six to eight weeks... to use out-of-the-box features and minimize custom programming.

Corey Tucker
President, ici innovations

Single view adds context, streamlines workflow

Visual Fusion lets you work with data from otherwise incompatible systems in a single view. With connectors to industry-standard systems and data sources, it unites information from your internal data stores, Web feeds, public data sources, and more, in the context of place and time.

Visual Fusion streamlines information gathering and analysis, eliminate wasted time and steps, and opens new avenues for collaboration.

Everyone in the company knows and understands their own segment of the business. But when it comes to communicating with groups beside or above them, that’s where the spatial [business intelligence] technology in Visual Fusion really comes into its own. It quickly paints a picture for everyone of what could be a potential business issue.

Tony Dionisio
Chief Information Officer, Atlas Pipeline

Create applications for SharePoint, with the deepest SharePoint integration in the industry

SharePoint users can develop applications in a SharePoint portal in just hours, with site templates, Web Parts, and features.

SharePoint 2013 Logo
  • Create and manage content in Lists & Libraries
  • Draw points, lines, and polygons on the map; then save in SharePoint lists.
  • Employ governance via SharePoint workflows.
  • Enforce security with SharePoint permissions.
  • Turn spreadsheets into map layers, or KML/ATOM feeds into spreadsheets.
  • Integrate SharePoint business intelligence tools, like Excel Services and Performance Point Services.

The choice of major corporations
and government agencies

Around the world, major companies and government agencies use Visual Fusion for use cases that include:

  • visualizing supply chains
  • identifying sales opportunities
  • managing pipelines and wells
  • cataloging assets
  • staging engineering projects
  • delivering emergency medical services

Visual Fusion turns scattered, complex data into the intelligence organizations need to identify priorities and make informed decisions.

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Why Visual Fusion?

Evaluating map-based data visualization applications Visual Fusion Applications Traditional GIS Applications Consumer Map Mashup Applications Self-service BI Applications
Ease of use for average business user
Breadth of out-of-the-box UI components
Speed & breadth of extensibility
Ability to rapidly integrate disparate data sources


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