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Visual Fusion Solutions

Asset Management
and Tracking

Track and manage all types of assets – fixed or mobile

Buildings, real estate, equipment, vehicles, high-value shipments—Visual Fusion lets you monitor all of your assets and maximize their value. Asset management solutions built on Visual Fusion® meet your tracking, accounting, and reporting needs across the asset lifecycle.

Visualize unlimited assets and conditions

With Visual Fusion, you can manage asset worth and depreciation, location, and history for an unlimited number of assets. Powerful styling options let you identify asset types and conditions at a glance, and alert you to changes that require action. Attach pictures, documents, spreadsheets, and contacts to any asset. Export to Excel or other formats.

Optimize your asset portfolio

Visual Fusion set the industry standard for interactivity. Use our award-winning interface to evaluate the big picture, and retrieve assets by name, value, location, or condition. Then “fly” to individual assets and drill into multiple layers of detail. Use lists, charts, and reports to manage and communicate information.

Connect existing systems; streamline operations

With industry standard connectors and open architecture, Visual Fusion connects easily to finance, accounting, inventory, and logistical systems. Streamline operations by consolidating disparate systems.

Add context with data from top providers

View your asset locations in the context of demographics, traffic patterns, road closures, weather forecasts, and other business factors. Our agreements with top data aggregators and suppliers let you visualize the information you need to make crucial decisions quickly.

Find out how you can benefit

Learn how Visual Fusion provides a top-flight user experience for a maker of wireless tracking devices. Or contact us to talk about solving critical issues for your organization.