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Government Transparency

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Create a polished, professional face for your city or agency using cost-effective Visual Fusion solutions for government.

A cost-effective way to analyze and share your data

Agencies and local governments are constantly asked to do more with fewer resources. Visual Fusion solutions can help you create a public face for your data that offers superior functionality, while stretching your IT budget. Typically housed inside Microsoft’s SharePoint collaboration software, these solutions provide premium data visualization, role-based accessibility, and unified content management for the entire team.

Cities use Visual Fusion solutions to create civic portals, providing residents with better ways to get information and interact with their government. Agencies use Visual Fusion to present important data to their constituencies, raising the agency’s profile and promoting transparency. Analysts use it for its powerful, interactive tools that make sorting, sifting, and comparing items a snap.

Benefits of Visual Fusion solutions for government transparency include:


The “no training” interface.

Visual Fusion’s map and timeline viewers are powerful yet intuitive; most users navigate them immediately without training or instructions. Even novice users can sift and sort data interactively. This makes Visual Fusion a perfect front-end for data on the public web.


Styling that tells the story (or stories) in your data.

Present your data in meaningful ways, highlighting important trends and elevating the most significant aspects. Visual Fusion offers multiple styling options (including color-coded icons, thematic shading, and heat maps) that you can implement without coding.


Rapid implementation.

With a ready-to-use interface and connectors for your data, you can build a portal in weeks, not months.


Empower all employees.

Employees with no GIS or programming experience can add information to the map and timeline, freeing overburdened IT and GIS departments for higher value work. By incorporating content management software, a Visual Fusion solution streamlines procedures and stretches your technical budget.

Mission Tested

Agencies and local governments, like City of Brampton in Canada and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, choose Visual Fusion solutions to transmit important information to their stakeholders. Visual Fusion provides these organizations with an attractive, easy-to-use interface, rapid implementation, and powerful analytic tools, all at reasonable cost.

Which solution is for you?

Explore the solutions below to see which one meets your organization’s needs. If you don’t see the perfect fit, contact us and let’s discuss how we can help your exact situation. We’re experts on applying data visualization to new areas.

  • Municipal Portal

    Create a multi-functional interactive map for your community, and keep it up to date with minimal IT and GIS resources. Visual Fusion gives you a fast, easy way to make your data available to your constituents in an intuitive and engaging interface, with backend tools for painlessly keeping it up to date. Contact us for more information.

  • Public Data Viewer

    Present important data to the public or other stakeholders in a way that is beautiful and easy to use. Visual Fusion makes your information easy to see, interact with, and understand, freeing you from the burden of responding to every content request individually. Contact us for more information.

  • Demographics Analysis

    Sift through mountains of data to quickly find the gems that matter most to you and your organization. Visual Fusion gives you powerful interactive capabilities to interrogate the data across location, time, and any underlying attributes, all in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface suitable for any audience. Contact us for more information.

Let’s Talk About Your Need

Visual Fusion solutions are designed for rapid implementation and immediate value. Contact us to talk about solving the critical issues in your supply chain.