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Mobile Asset Tracking

Visual Fusion tracking solutions help you protect traveling employees or shipments in transit, with a real-time display and configurable alarms.

Track vehicles, people, or assets on the move in real time

Ensure the safety of valuable shipments or traveling VIPs with Visual Fusion mobile tracking solutions. Visual Fusion can visualize GPS and sensor feeds for cargo in transit, or travelers’ planned routes and mobile communications, all in an intuitive map and timeline interface.

Typically housed inside Microsoft’s SharePoint collaboration software, these solutions provide premium data visualization, role-based accessibility, and unified content management for the entire team.

With Visual Fusion mobile asset tracking solutions, you can:


Monitor valuable shipments from origin to destination.

See where your shipments are at all times, and monitor conditions like temperature, light levels, and vibration.


Locate and assist travelers in an emergency.

When travel is disrupted—by disasters, weather, or just a cancelled flight—know immediately who is affected and how to contact them. Keep track of employees traveling in affected areas; Visual Fusion can alert you to travelers who’ve failed to check in or requested assistance.


Identify high-risk zones.

Upload GIS files or draw directly on the map to identify geographic areas that require special vigilance. Set alerts to notify you when travelers or shipments enter one of these areas.


Set up alerts.

Get instant notification if a delivery goes off route or sensors indicate shipment tampering.


Stay ahead of events.

Monitor air traffic, road closures, weather forecasts—whatever may affect your mobile assets. Add news feeds to stay abreast of events (earthquakes, strikes, coups, border closings) that could strand travelers or delay deliveries.

Mission Tested

Industry leader OnAsset chose Visual Fusion as the perfect complement to its advanced wireless tracking devices. With a top-flight user experience, and the ability to integrate all types of real-time feeds, Visual Fusion delivers security and value to companies tracking high-value cargoes in transit.


Which solution is for you?

Explore the solutions below to see which one meets your organization’s needs. If you don’t see the perfect fit, contact us and let’s discuss how we can help your exact situation. We’re experts on applying data visualization to new areas.

  • Fleet Tracking

    Do you know where all of your vehicles are right now? Would you know if one was off route? Visual Fusion helps you monitor your fleet in real time, advise drivers on newly developing hazards in their environment, and get alerted when they go off track. Contact us for more information.

  • Product & Package Tracking

    Is your valuable cargo safe in transit? Could you detect tampering in time to do something about it? With Visual Fusion, you’ll know where your most important shipments are and what is going on around them. Contact us for more information.

  • Traveler & VIP Tracking

    Can you immediately locate colleagues on the road and assure their safety, especially when the unexpected happens? Visual Fusion shows your travelers in the context of other world events, and lets you proactively protect your people. Contact us for more information.

Let’s Talk About Your Need

Visual Fusion solutions are designed for rapid implementation and immediate value. Contact us to talk about solving the critical issues in your supply chain.