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Risk, Security and Response

See the big picture. Respond faster. Collaborate effectively.

Visual Fusion® brings a common operating picture into focus with solutions for security professionals.

A single, actionable view for all your vital security data

Visual Fusion® security solutions supply both the big picture and quick access to vital detail, on a daily basis and during a crisis. Typically housed inside Microsoft’s SharePoint collaboration software, these solutions provide premium data visualization, role-based accessibility, and unified content management for the entire team.

From Microsoft to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, some of the world’s largest private and public sector organizations depend on these solutions to keep people and facilities safe, to enable a quick response to threats and disasters, and to plan proactively against future challenges.

With Visual Fusion security and response solutions, you can:


Eliminate silos and get real-time access to the details you need to resolve situations.

Visual Fusion brings together data from today’s top security and incident management systems, plus floor plans, spreadsheets, procedures documents, photos, news feeds, text messages, and more, in one consolidated view.


Get a common operating picture for all stakeholders.

Visual Fusion solutions simplify information sharing among agencies, departments, and teams. The intuitive, map-based interface provides context and a shared view of critical situations.


Track people, resources, and assets in real time.

Always have the most timely information at hand, whether it’s breaking news, camera feeds, building alarms, or messages from personnel in the field.


Get results now.

Visual Fusion solutions are quick to set up and configure. Most users require little or no training to access information and just a few hours to enter it.

Mission Tested

Prominent private and public organizations like Microsoft Global Security, Pfizer, Tiffany and Co., and the Department of Homeland Security rely on Visual Fusion to keep their people and assets safe. For these clients, commanding overviews, detailed views of local events, quick access to the underlying data, and mechanisms for collaboration and reporting, are critical capabilities for their security teams and responders.

Microsoft Global Security U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Which solution is for you?

Explore the solutions below to see which one meets your organization’s needs. If you don’t see the perfect fit, contact us and let’s discuss how we can help your exact situation. We’re experts on applying data visualization to new areas.

Featured Solution

Risk Awareness and Response -

Visual Command Center

Visual Command Center software helps security teams protect their organizations against threats by uniting data from external sources, enterprise systems, and internal devices into a real-time, common operating picture of risk and security.
  • Continuity Management

    Are your company and its leadership prepared to survive disruptions or disasters? Visual Fusion helps you see both the big picture and all the moving parts, and respond with confidence in critical times. Contact us for more information.

  • Traveler & VIP Tracking

    Can you immediately locate colleagues on the road and assure their safety, especially when the unexpected happens? Visual Fusion shows your travelers in the context of other world events, and lets you proactively protect your people. Contact us for more information.

  • Public Safety

    How do you effectively collaborate with other responders and safety organizations in your community and ensure that all of you are on the same page? Visual Fusion breaks down information silos and makes it easy for everyone to contribute data and collaborate on response. Contact us for more information.

Let’s Talk About Your Need

Visual Fusion solutions are designed for rapid implementation and immediate value. Contact us to talk about solving the critical issues in your supply chain.