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Situational Awareness

For defense, intelligence, disaster relief, counter terrorism, and other critical uses, agencies on the front line choose Visual Fusion solutions for situational awareness.

Proven solutions for situational awareness

A common operating picture can be critical in coordinating response to an emergency or in planning against potential threats. When you need to get everyone on the same page, sharing the same understanding, Visual Fusion solutions for situational awareness are the answer. Typically housed inside Microsoft’s SharePoint collaboration software, these solutions provide premium data visualization, role-based accessibility, and unified content management for the entire team.

Agencies have used Visual Fusion solutions for purposes as diverse as coordinating multinational relief efforts in Malaysia, combating piracy off the coast of Somalia, and increasing border security in Michigan. Visual Fusion is the choice of the US Joint Forces Command, the US European Command, the Department of Homeland Security and other intelligence and emergency management agencies.

Benefits of Visual Fusion solutions for situational awareness include:


A single, secure view.

Visual Fusion solutions connect to existing, otherwise incompatible systems, to unite disparate data sets. Includes connectors for SQL, Oracle, ESRI, GeoRSS, KML, WMS, Open Data, and other sources.


Built-in security.

Ensures that users see only what they are authorized to see, whether you implement your solution on the Web or in a closed environment.


The “no training” interface.

Most users navigate Visual Fusion solutions immediately without the need for costly, time-consuming user training.


Collaboration and communication.

Share information across agencies, departments, or teams. Map tools and content management tools let everyone contribute to the shared view.


Automated alerts.

Set alerts for a feed or a geographic area. Supports the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) and other standards.


Rapid implementation.

With the ready-to-go map and timeline viewers and connectors for your data, you can build a complete Visual Fusion application in days or weeks, not months. Within an application, you can build a common operating picture on the fly, using our drag-and-drop tools and feeds in standard formats.

Mission Tested

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and other agencies rely on Visual Fusion to provide a secure, consolidated view of data that’s critical to emergency response and planning against potential threats. Visual Fusion solutions provide the analysis and collaboration tools these agencies need to accomplish their missions.

Which solution is for you?

Explore the solutions below to see which one meets your organization’s needs. If you don’t see the perfect fit, contact us and let’s discuss how we can help your exact situation. We’re experts on applying data visualization to new areas.

  • Common Operating Picture

    How do you supply a single secure view that everyone can operate from, seeing only what they are authorized to see? Visual Fusion gives you a powerful platform to quickly unite data and see it in the context of location and time, with custom views for each stakeholder community.

  • User Defined Operating Picture

    Are your operatives in the field cut off, or can they quickly get the information they need? Visual Fusion empowers them to pull together disparate data sources in minutes and see them all in the unifying context of location, time, and analytics.

  • Public Safety

    How do you effectively collaborate with other responders and safety organizations in your community and ensure that all of you are on the same page? Visual Fusion breaks down information silos and makes it easy for everyone to contribute data and collaborate on response.

Let’s Talk About Your Need

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