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Supply Chain

Manage supply chains in real time with a powerful, interactive visualization

Visual Fusion supply chain solutions can help you make the complex decisions involved in managing a modern supply chain. Visualize supply chains in the context of geography and time to:

  • control operating costs
  • lower inventory costs
  • optimize service and performance
  • manage upstream and downstream vendors and distributors

Visualize unlimited items and conditions

Supplier locations, transportation lines, depots, transfer points—Visual Fusion lets you visualize everything that’s important to your supply chain. Attach pictures, documents, spreadsheets, and contacts to any supplier or location. Export to Excel or other formats.

Anticipate interruptions in supply

Visual Fusion lets you see how unfolding events impact your suppliers, and proactively find alternatives. Set alarms and use color-coding to warn you early of potential shortfalls, slowdowns, or bottlenecks. Use the interactive timeline to evaluate transfer times or focus on significant events.

Locate alternative routes or suppliers quickly

Visual Fusion set the industry standard for interactivity. Use it to identify trouble spots, search for alternatives, and make critical decisions. The intuitive interface and the context of the map let you quickly find alternate routes and suppliers to keep your organization on track.

Optimize performance

Compare suppliers using charts, graphs, heat maps, and other visualizations to choose the best and weed out under performers.

Connect existing systems; streamline operations

Save money and react faster by consolidating all of the information you need to manage your supply chain in one place. With industry standard connectors and open architecture, Visual Fusion connects easily to sales, finance, inventory, fulfillment, manufacturing, and logistical systems.

Add context and anticipate changes with data from top providers

Monitor your supply chain in the context of demographics, traffic patterns, road closures, weather forecasts, and more. Add news feeds to stay abreast of events (strikes, blackouts, coups, border closings) that could delay shipments. Our agreements with top data aggregators and suppliers let us provide you with real-time information about conditions that can affect your supply chain.

Let’s Talk About Your Need

Visual Fusion solutions are designed for rapid implementation and immediate value. Contact us to talk about solving the critical issues in your supply chain.